Focal Point - Work Showcased by Snowboard Magazine

October 2014 - 

This photo essay series was designed to exhibit the countless photos that do not make it into the incredibly competitive pages of snowboarding magazines. Photos can be published or unpublished, taken 10 years ago or last season. Photographers are given up to 17 photographic categories to meet, each with the goal of showing a different aspect of life in snowboarding.

"Sean Kerrick Sullivan bought his first camera when he was 13-years-old. Since then, he has made a career out of experimenting with shutter speeds, depth-of-field and has been in a constant search for adventure. Sean is a wanderer. His contributions to snowboarding have found homes in the pages of every major magazine, but perhaps what makes him so respected in the photo community is the many dimensions to his work. It isn’t just snowboarding, it’s landscapes, fly fishing, travel — he has built a career out of the things that people do for vacation. We chose to give Sean a Focal Point photo essay to share some of his favorite images over the years because we not only knew that they would be nothing short of spectacular, but because we had no idea what to expect. To us, that’s one of the best qualities you can have as a photographer" - Snowboard Magazine (follow link for Gallery)

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