Dew Tour Snowbasin - Halfpipe Finals

Shot for Snowboarder Magazine - February 2012

The Dew Tour made its third and final stop at Snowbasin, UT over the weekend, and what a weekend it was. With some of your typical big dogs elsewhere at other contests, the young and the hungry got their chance to shine as the podium was finally in reach. I mean common, do you really want to drop in before Shaun White? On another note, word is Snowbasin's contract is up with Alli Sports, leaving people asking, well then where is stop 3 gonna be? Where are the championships gonna be? Rumor has it that Alli may convert all their energy towards a SINGLE contest, thus making much better use of their resources, and getting on a level to compete with the X-Games. I asked a few competitors how they would feel about a move like that, but all I want to know is what Bridges and Terje think of that...... Dew Tour Superpipe Results: Mens: 1. Louie Vito 2. Iouri Podladtchikov 3. Spencer Shaw Womens: 1. Kelly Clark 2. Gretchen Bleiler 3. Xuetong Cai

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